We are not your average IT company. We are a boutique D365 F&O consultancy with a team of highly specialised and dedicated professionals. We know that people is what makes the real difference.

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We are an (almost) completely remote team, so results are what truly matters to us.

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We rely on associates who want to make a difference, not cogs of a soulless machine.

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We are in it together as a team, so we share our achievements and profits with you.


A note from our founder

Who are we looking for?

Being part of a boutique consultancy company is not for everyone. We often join complex projects where we need to hit the ground running, or fix difficult situations where issues were left unattended for too long. Such conditions require individuals who have not just a deep expertise of the industry, but also the right personality and mindset.

We are looking for professionals who can uphold the values of our team:


Do your best, or don’t bother doing it at all


Do what’s right, even when nobody is watching


Talk fair and square, without hiding the facts


See the fun side, more so in difficult situations

One last thing

We do not recruit for a specific position. Instead, we build our talent base and identify exceptionally capable consultants and we bring them on board when the time is right.

Naturally, any information you disclose is 100% confidential and only shared with the internal selection team. Under no circumstances your details are shared with third parties.

We are a boutique consultancy company dedicated to provide best-in-class functional consultancy services for D365 F&O implementations. Many clients struggle to get the value they need from their ERP system. Our goal is to change that.

To do so, we want the most determined and capable consultants to join our team. Are you one of them?

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