What about the next steps?

Engaging a new partner can be tricky. Our process is divided in three steps, designed to minimise your risks and maximise the tangible results you get from us. Learn more about them below.


Discovery call

  • What? A focused call to understand your situation with Dynamics 365 F&O.
  • Who? Always with our founder, Marco.
  • Why? To assess whether we can help you, identify the issue, and make a plan.

Short-term deliverable

  • What? An initial engagement limited to one week, with a tangible deliverable at the end.
  • Who? Our founder. Another lead consultant may join if required by the task.
  • Why? So you can see how we work, while limiting any risks or commitments.

Long-term engagement

  • What? A longer engagement with a clear and measurable goal and a plan to achieve it.
  • Who? A team of consultants, selected specifically for the work to do.
  • Why? To truly meet your needs, being them advisory, implementation, or recovery.